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DuoDecima Project 2017 [VIDEO]

The story of Real Madrid's champion in Laliga & UCL 2017.

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Havadarii Bot

A Telegram bot to run campaigns and support teams by adding watermark to user's profile picture.

Burgur Shop
Graphic Design

Burger Shop Logo Designs

Sample logo designs for a Burgur Shop

Soccer Player
Graphic Design

Soccer Player Illustration

An illustration for a guy from Venezuela.

Little About Me!

I'm Tadeh Alexani. I was born in 1997 in Tehran, the capital of Iran, where I still reside. I began working as an amateur graphic designer when I was 16. At present I am a full-time student majoring in software engineering and continue working as a professional graphic designer. I also design websites, edit films and do computer programing.

Apple Watch
Graphic Design

Apple Watch icons

Apple Watch icons available in PNG.

La Undecima
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La Undecima Story 2016 [VIDEO]

The story of Real Madrid's champion in UCL 2016.

Plan C
Graphic Design

Plan C Studio Logos

Design the logo for Plan C Studios.

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Cristiano, The 3rd millennium's Di Stéfano [VIDEO]

A Documentry about the legendary "Cristiano Ronaldo" life (with Farsi narration).

Graphic Design

Tehran City Illustration

Tehran is the capital of Iran and Tehran Province.

Iker Casillas
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Iker Casillas Story [VIDEO]

A clip about Iker Casillas story in Real Madrid (with Farsi narration).